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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I bring my dog to your class?
Every dog needs and deserves basic obedience training and socialisation with other dogs. An unsocialised dog can become nervous, over-confident (which comes across to other dogs as dominant) or very ill-mannered. Puppies need to mix with dogs of different sizes, energies and breeds in order to learn how to behave when around them. Additionally, it is helpful to socialise your dog with lots of different people so they don't become nervous of strangers. Obedience training is not only a great way of teaching your dog how to behave, it also encourages a better bond between the dog and handler. We have many year's experience in dealing with all sorts of dogs and many different behavioural issues - we will be able to help with any particular needs your dog may have.

At what age can I bring my puppy to your class?
The earlier a puppy can start training the better. It is crucial to get your puppy well socialised as early as possible to avoid any issues as they grow up. We recommend you bring your puppy to our puppy class as soon as they have completed their puppy vaccinations (normally around 12 weeks).

I have rehomed a dog with behaviour issues - can I bring him to your class?
Yes. We have many years of experience in dealing with dog behavioural issues. If your dog is aggressive towards people or other dogs we will ask you fit a muzzle initially for everyone's safety but the longer term goal would be to have your dog's issues resolved so the muzzle can be removed.

My bitch is in heat - can I still bring her to your class?
We recommend that all bitches in heat are kept at home until the end of her season. Male dogs can often become overly excited and disruptive in class if they can smell a bitch in season.

What should I bring with me to your class?
Your dog should have a collar (with nametag) and lead and as our training is reward-based, we ask that you bring some treats / biscuits - the smellier the better as these often help achieve the best results.PLEASE NOTE: Harnesses and flexi-leads/extenders are not suitable for training. If your dog is aggressive we ask that you intially use a muzzle for everyone's safety.

Does my dog need a name tag?
It is a legal requirement that all dogs out in public should have a collar attached with a name tag. By law, the name tag must have the family name and home address. You may also choose to add a mobile/telephone number and the dog's name but this is optional.

When and where are your classes?
Our classes are held every Monday evening and Thursday morning at the Community Centre in North Queensferry - the address and directions are available on our contact page. We have 4 classes on a Monday evening: Puppies at 5.30 and 6.30, Juniors at 7.30 and Seniors at 8.30. Our Thursday morning classes are at 9.45am (Beginners) and 10.45am (all other dogs). Each class lasts 1 hour. If you are new to the club please email Saffie at who will add you to our waiting list.

Can I bring the kids along to the class?
It's a great idea to get kids involved in training your dog. However, due to time restrictions in class, we prefer to train the main handler - this is the most effective use of class time. Once we've taught you the ropes, we recommend you teach the kids in your own time. Kids are of course welcome to come along and watch the class.

Where is the best/cheapest place to buy dog food / treats / other pet stuff?
We are members of a pet cash and carry and are able to source pet food and all pet related items at great prices. If you come to our class please feel free to ask us what's available and we'd be delighted to buy it for you.

The weather is terrible - is the class on this week?
Please come and like our Facebook page where you can kept up to the minute with Fife Dog Training. If any classes are cancelled for whatever reason we'll post it on our page. If you do not have a Facebook account, please email us at and we'll let you know.

Why don't you offer the Kennel Club Tests?
We currently don't have anyone who is authorised by the Kennel Club to carry out the Kennel Club examinations. This may be something we will offer in the future. Until then, we can recommend other schools in the area which can offer this.

Can I add some photos of my dog to your gallery?
Of course - please forward any photos you'd like included to

How do i get in touch with you?
Via our contact page, like our Facebook page and leave a message there, or email

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