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Open Obedience Classes

I run open obedience classes throughout the week, that many owners have attended for over 5 years and continue to come so they can enjoy bonding with their dog, testing their dog, and gaining some friends along the way. There are many nights to choose from, and each class lasts approximately one hour. My classes are fairly relaxed, and open to your own ways of training as well as providing you with more options to widen your knowledge and skills.

Puppy Classes
The puppy classes aim to teach the basic obedience skills that set a foundation of obedience and can open up the door of communication and understanding. It is also a chance to ensure you get off to the right start, allowing me to pick up on problems early on, such as nervousness or some health issues you may not be aware of. The training in a puppy class is intended for you, the dog handler, as well as your puppy. We will give you the tools and techniques you need to take home and train your puppy. The classes are there to provide you the exercise as well as an opportunity to practice around dogs and people, with a professional there to guide you. Once the puppy is fluent in the behaviours and can manage the exercises around the other dogs in the hall, they will be ready to move to junior classes.

Junior Classes
This is a class designed to challenge the dog to complete the behaviours with further expectations, which can include increasing distance, duration and distractions. They are great for continuing to learn about your dog, as well as being able to push them further to enhance your bond and communication skills. When your dog is able to complete the exercises they can then move to advanced classes.

Advanced Classes
My advanced classes are aimed at people who enjoy training their dog, and who find it fun to come and learn new exercises as well as reinforcing previous training. We work on extreme distractions so we can begin to proof behaviours, including opportunities to work off-lead or with a dropped lead, to really see what you, and your dog have learned. You will find handlers in these classes who have been with the club for over five years and continue training as a hobby and a bonding exercise with their dog.
All classes provide the exercises to do, but the owners can then pick what distractions to use, and progress with. You will also get the chance to design your own class and exercises - all suggestions are always welcome and considered, as we are forever adding new games and challenges into the classes.
Handlers are rewarded with trophies and certificates for progress in various areas including handling skills, confidence, growth and many other factors.
Family members are always welcome to come along to classes with you, however we require that children do not interact with any other dog, unless permission has been given. We have many junior handlers working their dogs in my classes, which is welcomed as long as the dog and child are both happy and safe, and most importantly, supervised and supported by the family during training.

We have classes to suit all levels - puppies, juniors and advanced. Times and locations are as follows:

Venue: The Community Centre, Brock Street, North Queensferry, Fife KY11 1JD

MONDAY 5.30pm: Junior/Advanced
6.30pm: Puppies
7.30pm: Juniors
8.30pm: Advanced
WEDNESDAY 5.30pm: Place/Stay (all ages)
6.30pm: Puppies
7.30pm: Juniors
8.30pm: Advanced
THURSDAY 9.45am: Puppies
10.45am: Juniors
11.45am: Advanced
SUNDAY 6pm: Puppies
7pm: Puppies
8pm: Juniors
9pm: Handling/Heeling/Proofing

Venue: James Allan Community Centre, Paton Street, Dunfermline, Fife KY12 0BU

THURSDAY 7pm: Puppies
8pm: Juniors


All club members are required to pay a registration fee of £20 per dog. Pay as you go pricing is £6 per class, per dog, paid at the start of each class.

Membership Package Deals

As an alternative to the Pay-As-You-Go option, you may want to take advantage of our membership package deals which offer substantial discounts. Details of our package deals are shown below.

There is no minimum contract or tie-in for our package deals, you will be free to cancel at any time.

Monthly fees for package deals are payable in advance and are due on the 1st week of the month.

Please note: Please let us know if you are unable to attend classes for an extended period of time. If you fail to turn up at any of our classes with no contact for 4 consecutive weeks, your place will be given away to another customer and your club membership will be cancelled. If you then decide to return, you will need to pay the registration fee again.

1 class per week
(per calendar month)
1 class per week
(per calendar month)
Unlimited open obedience training classes
  1 pack walk per week
(per calendar month)
Unlimited pack walks
  Second dogs are half price 10% off shop items (food, toys, leads etc)
    10% off any 1-2-1 private consultations
    Get 2 months free after 10 continuous months
    Second dogs are free of charge

£20 per dog per month

£30 per dog* per month

£60 per dog* per month

Class Blocks

As well as our open obedience classes, we offer a series of structured block training courses which are designed to push you and your dog further.

->PLEASE NOTE: Class Blocks costs are not included in any of the Open Obedience packages - these costs are additional.

DOG SOCIALISATION (£80 per block)
Fife Dog Training and Fife Dog Walking team up to present Fife Dog Socials. These classes are an 8 week block, and provides an opportunity for dogs to be around each other, off-lead, and learn body language, manners, and appropriate responses.
All dogs are advocated for and we aim to build up confidence in owners who can then advocate for their own dogs whilst outside. The classes end with a structured pack walk where you will put into practice what you have learned, in a realistic setting outside.
If you feel your dog’s obedience is good, but they struggle to be sociable around other dogs, then this course is for you. It is a great place to start with dogs who are over-excited by, or fearful of other dogs, and may be unsure how to deal with them in a safe way.
All dogs are split into levels of ability, therefore must be assessed before joining to ensure they are placed in the right class.
Owners gain a lot from these classes by learning about their dog’s body language, how dogs learn from each other, and when we need to step in and help so that we can avoid future problems and prevent stress from building.
Most clients who attend these classes often return for further blocks to maintain and enhance their dog’s social skills, and they often become part of the course by allowing their stable dogs to help less confident dogs learn.

Fife Dog Training and Fife Dog Walking team up to create a unique block of obedience classes which focuses on boosting motivation in both dog and owner who want to learn together and enjoy obedience training. The aim of the course is to bring handler and dog together as a team, to work together and understand each other.
Perhaps you have a new puppy and are looking for a place to start in your training. You may have a dog who is more motivated by other dogs/people/objects than by you. Do you wish your dog wanted to be with you more, or maybe you are just looking for something new and fun to do together with your dog?
This course is an 8 week block which will be using food and affection to build up motivation in the dog and build up a working drive where they want to perform tasks for you. Owners will gain knowledge of how dogs learn new behaviours, as well as gaining skills to ensure you can control your dog in public and get results whilst dogs are tested under distraction. The block ends with a test and participants will receive a certificate on passing.

Fife Dog Training and Fife Dog Walking team up to bring you an 8 week course of obedience which is designed to make owners aware of their handling and attitude. In order to keep training fair to the dog we must not assume they know what we are asking them to do unless we have trained them fully and have proofed that they know the behaviour.
Each week we teach a few new behaviours and this is done in a process which slows the learning down and forces the handler to think about each step and how they are communicating their expectation to the dog. Handlers are expected to put in a minimum of one hour’s work in their own time every day of the course, in order to progress to the next week. Each week then has a test to pass before moving on to the next stage of the training. We ask owners to add in distractions to their training in order to build reliable behaviours that you can then trust your dog to perform anywhere you take them, but most importantly, every time you need them!
The skills learned in this course should equip you for life in how to communicate to your dog, should you ever come across a problem in the future, each part of this course can play a part in helping you guide the dog through it.
This course is highly rewarding to owners and dogs who by the end of the block can understand each other clearly. However, it is intense and will require you to go out and work with your dog every day, so please do not commit if you feel you cannot currently offer that much dedication to your dog .
Owners will receive a certificate on passing the course.

Private Sessions

I offer one-to-one sessions inside your home or at a location of your choice, which allows me to spend dedicated time just with you in your environment. I strongly recommend this option if you are new to training dogs, or have your first puppy, as there can often be so much conflicting advice and it can be overwhelming on where to start.
Private session training give you the tools to allow you to enjoy your dog and include them as part of your daily family life. This will ensure everyone is safe, peacefully enjoying each other, and expectations are clear so that confusion and frustration does not damage your bond. Private sessions are for any age of dog with any issues. The training allows you to get professional help with undivided attention from myself, and lifetime support. The sessions can be before classes, during courses or even instead of classes as some people want to train privately so they can pick times convenient to them.

Place/Relaxation Classes

Place/Relaxation classes run openly as part of my obedience classes, however they work purely on the dogs learning how to be calm on command, and relax when there is nothing for them to do. Dogs are very good at keeping busy, but often owners will complain that the dog struggles to switch off in certain situations and this can cause big problems which often result in the dog becoming excluded from many things in your life. This does not have to be the case.
I believe all dogs need to learn an off switch, where the owner can put them under a command to relax for a while until further instruction is given, but they cannot be disruptive. Most owners will teach dogs many things in life, however we fail to teach them calmness, relaxation and how to be involved in daily life without having to join in particularly.
I highly recommend these classes for dogs of all ages. The one hour session will work only on helping owners teach their dogs how to stay on a bed, crate, mat, or even the floor, for one hour, as they learn to relax whilst I create different distractions each week such as knocking doors, eating dinner, inviting people in, and other various challenges. I find it one of the best commands to teach dogs that has value no matter where you take your dog.

Handling, Heeling and Proofing

This class is also part of my open obedience classes, but focuses mainly on polishing up the owner’s handling skills, including timing, body language and communication cues.
It will work on taking heeling to advanced levels where there will be an opportunity to progress to light lines, then off lead, and having your dog want to remain close to you, fully engaged and ready to perform with you.
We will then be working on proofing behaviours such as positions, stays and recalls, under the highest of distractions to ensure that your dog is reliable in those areas. This will be a great opportunity to evaluate where you are with your training and what areas you need to work on to advance those skills.
These one hour sessions are aimed at dogs who are in junior level, or advance level classes, and would like to progress further on their own skills and handling.

Pack Walks

Pack walks offer a safe opportunity for dog owners to meet together, with myself as a trainer, and walk their dogs in a controlled and structured environment, which will benefit all dogs and owners. These walks provide an opportunity to socialise the dogs, provide distractions for the dogs, and also an opportunity for owners to practice training their dog on the walk and not only inside the class. You can meet other dog owners and enjoy socialising yourselves, as well as taking advantage of being able to ask me anything on the walk with advice regarding your dog and its training.

Pack walks will be charged at a fee of £5 per dog per walk.

Walks will be at various times throughout the week, both day time and evening, and a variety of locations. I will offer short puppy walks in the Glen, about an hour, but also provide longer adventures into beaches, woods, and hills for dogs more capable of longer distances and more distractions! Dogs can attend most of the walks from 4 months old.

Eden Pet Food

I am a proud stockist of Eden dog food which is what I feed my own dogs on, and what I recommend my clients to use if they are looking for a great quality, great value dog food. Eden provide various flavours of food each tailored so they can suit dogs with medical problems such as allergies, as well as providing good quality treats, wet food, and supplements.
I have sample bags at my classes, as well as leaflets on the food. I use this food as treats in my class so there is always some to try if you are curious and would like your dog to taste some before you buy.

Pet Supplies

I am a member of a pet supplies wholesaler, so I can provide you with accessories such as toys, treats and training equipment at a discounted rate from pet stores. Please get in touch for more details, current stock, or to place an order.

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